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Jackie at 16 Months

Jackie in the Snow

Maggie at 5 Years

Bev with Maggie and Jackie (now 20 months)



Breed: German Shepherd DogGender: Female
Favorite Food: We adopted Jackie in July 2005 - she's been eating mostly Iams kibble, and loves "people food" as a snack. We're trying the Flint River Ranch sample pack.
Favorite Activities: She loves to go walking - we walk her twice a day, Monday through Friday, and she's with us all day on the weekend. She also likes riding in the car and going places.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She sleeps on a couch in our finished basement.
Regarding the last picture, Jackie loves to run through the underbrush hunting for rabbits. I caught this snapshot while still moving the camera, so everything is out of focus except for Jackie as she was moving in the direction that I was moving the camera, and she looked at me just as I snapped it.

Watching her go from a 50-pound skinny, nervous, shy dog to over 60 pounds and agile, is amazing. She can run up a steep hill through brush and back in a flash - it's a sight to see. She has truly come a long way and is now enjoying being a dog. We adopted her from a bad situation, and she's a happy dog now!

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)Gender: Female
Story: Maggie is our newer dog, adopted from the Humane Society.

Staff: Tom and Bev DuDash
Home: Colorado Springs, CO
Date Entered into Gallery: August 22, 2005

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