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We serve what pets deserve!

Your pets will be over the moon for our OVEN-BAKED pet food!

What's all the wagging about?  Your pets deserve a meal that is nutritious, wholesome, and safe.  Period.  We've fulfilled our dream of baking pet food that meets our extremely high standards, and that our dogs love and are thriving on!  We did it!
Our nutritionists successfully created an oven-baked food just like Flint River Ranch pet foods that we knew so well, and added nutritious veggies, fruits, berries, prebiotics, and probiotics—using the freshest ingredients.  And it tastes awesome—we taste every recipe we bake!

Who is Pinto Canyon Pet Nutrition?  It's us!  We're a family-owned business, serving your pets since 1998!  Our primary focus is the premium quality and safety of our ingredients, and the best cooking method: oven-baking, of course!  We provide first-class, "old-fashioned" service, utmost convenience, and thrive on seeing your pets thrive.
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Why Oven-Bake?  Over many years, you continually reported fewer health issues, reduced vet bills, and increased vitality and well-being when your pets dined on Flint River Ranch oven-baked foods. Click here to read your testimonials.  Since we opened in 1998, your pets have proven that oven-baked food not only tastes great—it also provides superior nutrition.
Food-sensitivities or allergies?  Often, food-sensitivities are caused by a particular meat protein. Our formulas each have a single meat protein, which helps because your dog doesn't have to process a variety of meat proteins, and also lets you identify which meat is your dog's favorite!

Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe for Dogs Grain-Free Recipe with Sweet Potato and Salmon for Dogs Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe for Dogs
Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Grain-Free Recipe With
Sweet Potato & Salmon
Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe
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