Probiotics for your cats and dogs! Treat your pet to health and well-being!

Why does your pet need probiotics? 
The gastrointestinal tract of all healthy mammals contains over 400 species of microorganisms, which form a natural protective barrier against pathogens.

Maintaining this balance of flora is imperative for good health and a strong immune system, and can even alleviate symptoms that seem unrelated to digestion, such as allergies.

Separation anxiety, travel, and antibiotics are some things that can cause an imbalance, and that will benefit from our probiotics. Try them today and see how your pets health improves!

What makes our probiotics superior? 
  • We guarantee the amount of live bacteria.
  • Our probiotics are grown in a pure culture.
  • Our probiotics are broad spectrum—they contain a variety of beneficial bacteria, which more closely resembles the variety that is typically found in a healthy animal.

Are probiotics easy to feed? 
Yes! Simply sprinkle on top of their favorite food!

The favorite of our cats and dogs is Natural Defense Soluble.
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