What happened to Flint River Ranch?

Flint River Ranch went out of business in 2016. We're Flint River Trading Company, and we're still serving your pets premium health food—since 1998!

We're passionate about providing the most nutritious and enjoyable meal for pets, while providing you with the most convenient and helpful shopping experience. We've always served our customers with honesty and integrity, and we won't stop now. We won't sell just any food. We're committed to selling only the best: oven-baked in small batches—there is simply no comparison. Read about Pinto Canyon.

So what happened? Baking high-quality ingredients in small batches is not cheap. Most other pet foods are extruded quickly at high temperatures in large batches, which keeps their costs down. Flint River Ranch tried to keep their prices comparable to cheaper extruded foods, and it just didn't work. But, we refuse to compromise. Quality is not cheap. There's truth in the saying, "You get what you pay for." When you see how happy and healthy your pets are, and have fewer trips to the vet, you'll know it's well worth it!

Pinto Canyon always ships FREE!

Read how dogs are loving Pinto Canyon!

Are Pinto Canyon pet foods the same as Flint River Ranch pet foods? Our nutritionists created our recipes to be as close to Flint River Ranch formulas as possible; even better, Pinto Canyon has these advantages:

"I literally opened the bag of chicken and rice and Fitz literally dove into it! He loves it! Thanks so much for everything, doing business with you is a pleasure!!" Lorraine W., Floral Park, NY

"I want to tell you that my babies just love the new lamb and rice food, and I mean "simply love it". Thank you so , so much. I'll keep giving them the lamb and rice since they love it so much. Thank you for trying so hard to find a dog food that you know your customers will just love and also be nutritious and healthy for their pets. Right now, my babies just can't wait to get to their food, so everything is a go. Thanks so, so much!!!" Wilma T., Harrisonburg, VA, May, 2017 Pet Gallery: Abby and Ceci

"Dear FlintRiver, Poco is 16 years old and has been eating your dog food for many years. He LOVES your new formulation of the trout and sweet potato so much that he even will eat it dry, something which he never did. When the new bag arrived, he even knocked it over to get more! Thank you for keeping our dog healthy and happy." Sincerely, MerryAnn and Michael, Harveys Lake, PA

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