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Pets love the fresh taste!

They love feeling great!

You love knowing it's nutritious and safe.

Pets deserve food that is oven-baked, delicious, wholesome, and safe. Your pets will be over the moon! We know because we taste every recipe!

Hoss & Cuti

Our family has been serving pets online since 1998 when we discovered Flint River Ranch oven-baked pet food! Our pets loved it, their health improved, and so became our passion for serving the best pet food possible! We saw what the lack of oversight did in 2007 when thousands of pets were sick due to tainted foods. We're a small company, but we make absolutely sure our food is safe and healthy!

Countless customers have told us their dogs and cats are eating well and thriving on our baked food, with more energy, vitality, and reduced vet bills. Old-fashioned baking is natural.

Slowly baked kibbles are more nutritious, easier to digest, and not hard like extruded foods. They're perfectly browned and crispy like Grandma's baked cookies!


When Flint River Ranch went out of business we refused to let pets down! We want the best food for Kitty, Bubba, and Bailey, and for your pets too! We worked with board-certified veterinary nutritionists, food scientists, veterinarians, and other qualified and experienced professionals to improve the Flint River Ranch recipes our pets loved! Read how Pinto canyon compares to FRR.

We want you to know the truth about your pet's food. Unfortunately, pet food recalls are too common, marketing teams are skilled, and the level of trust in pet food is low; it's hard to know what to believe. Hopefully, it's not too obvious: we don't have a marketing team! We simply tell the truth. But we don't expect that you just believe us; we let you know the reasons behind our decisions, and we cite the sources of our information, including studies, tests, and articles.

Oven-baking and quality ingredients set Pinto Canyon Pet Food apart, and there's more:

We want you to have all of the information you and your veterinarian need to make an informed decision regarding your pet's nutrition. Our site is loaded with detailed information:

Pinto Canyon FAQ
Dog Food FAQ
Cat Food FAQ
Probiotics FAQ

Dogs love Pinto Canyon!
Cats love Pinto Canyon!

Your pets will be over the moon!
100% Guaranteed!


We're passionate about pet nutrition! Stray cats and dogs haven't had good nourishment, and need a wholesome, high quality food. After rescuing Kitty, ruler of our lives, we couldn't find a food that pleased her. She informed us that turkey is her favorite, so we created Pinto Canyon Turkey Recipe for Cats & Kittens specifically for Kitty! After over a year, her kidney disease is stable, she's eating well, drinking well, and not losing weight! She's even plump! Her veterinarian is pleased and impressed with how well she's doing!

Oven-Baked Pet Food

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