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"Can't you see I'm busy resting?"
Oscar at 3 Years

"There you go taking my picture again."
Buddy at 2 Years

"They tell me I'm pretty. What do you think?"
Minnie Bug at 4 Years

Waiting for Mom

Buggie and Faith

Minnie Bug and the Flowers

Breed: PugWeight: 28 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Cheese, scrambled eggs, popcorn and Flint River Ranch.
Favorite Activities: Sleeping and eating.
Story: Oscar is "King Pug" and our first baby. Oscar sleeps in bed with mom and dad, usually under the covers.

Breed: Boston TerrierWeight: 35 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Peanuts and cashews and Flint River Ranch.
Nickname: Mr. Kwuz
Favorite Activities: Chasing squirrels.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Buddy sleeps with mom and dad and is a bed hog!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He is our little entertainer!
Story: We adopted Buddy from Nationwide Boston Terrier Rescue.
You can see me and my best bud Gus in entry 628. Gus is my uncle's dog.

Minnie Bug
Breed: PugWeight: 9 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Scrambled eggs, popcorn and Flint River Ranch.
Favorite Activities: Sleeping and eating and hanging out with the "big pug," Oscar.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Minnie Bug enjoys sleeping in her playpen.
Story: We adopted Minnie Bug and shortly thereafter she had to have a permanent tracheostomy so that she could breathe normally. She struggled to breathe all her life and so her larynx had collapsed from overworking itself. She has been blind in her right eye all her life. She is such a sweet and happy pug! When you look into her eyes, you know she appreciates everything you've done to improve her life.
Minnie Bug is doing wonderfully. Her last surgery was three months ago, and I'm praying three times is the charm. The new picture of her with the flowers is one of my favorites.

She thinks she's boss of the house, but I keep reminding her that Oscar and Buddy were here first so that makes her third in line.

Sadly, Minnie Bug passed away suddenly Tuesday July 28, 2009. We think she had a heart attack. But we know she had a wonderful life once she came into our little world. And we had a wonderful 4 1/2 years with her. But she gave us more than we ever gave her.

Take a look at our youngest sister, Rosie, at entry 4255

Staff: Faith and John Welker
Home: Arnold, MO
Date Entered into Gallery: April 11, 2005

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