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Natural Defense Probiotic Supplement

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A natural way to help pets with frequent or chronic issues feel great!

Ingredients & Feeding

*An insulated box with an ice pack is required during hot weather to preserve the viability of the live organisms.

Natural Defense contains the same beneficial microorganisms as Daily Boost, but at 3x the concentration. This high concentration of all-natural, live microorganisms can help pets that show signs of digestive disturbances, such as gas, loose stool or diarrhea; or pets that are exposed to stressful situations, such as being left alone, competitions, or sudden changes in its life. It's powerful enough to help pets that suffer from chronic digestive disturbances such as Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, Mega-esophagus or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

The carrier is pectin. Probiotic bacteria require a "carrier" — they have to be on something. Pectin is an all-natural carrier that also has many beneficial properties! Pectin is from the cell walls of fruits, and is extremely beneficial: it acts as both a soluble and insoluble fiber, can help to prevent urinary crystals, can lower cholesterol, has been shown to inhibit cancer in rats, and functions as a prebiotic (which "feed" the probiotics in the intestines). It's the perfect complement to probiotics!

Pectin is all-natural and extremely beneficial; however, it's sticky when wet (just like fruit). For this reason, the Natural Defense label recommends feeding on dry food; however, our slobbering dogs get it wet anyway! We recommend that you add a little water to their kibble, and sprinkle Natural Defense Probiotic on top of that. This prevents it from sticking to the bowl, and is more easily lapped up. This doesn't alter the effectiveness of the probiotics or pectin; it simply makes easy feeding even easier.

As a hypoallergenic supplement, it's important that no potential allergens are introduced. Natural Defense Probiotics are pure and do not contain anything your pet doesn't need. For example, other popular probiotic supplements contain animal digest (ew) and vitamins and minerals — all of the vitamins and minerals needed are in their food!

One jar lasts a 60 pound dog about 40 days — that's only 81 cents per day! See how much better your pet feels, naturally.

To help you choose the right one for your cat or dog, see our Probiotics Comparison Chart.

For more information about how probiotics work, and references to studies proving their effectiveness, read our Introduction to Probiotics.

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It may take one or two weeks for your pet to feel the benefit from Natural Defense. For some pets, such as rescued pets (that often have more issues), it may be a very gradual improvement over months. This is because it takes longer for the microorganisms to adequately proliferate in the gastrointestinal tract of some pets than others, depending on many factors.

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