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Pinto Canyon Grain-Free Recipe With Sweet Potato & Salmon for Puppies and Adult Dogs

Pinto Canyon Grain-Free Recipe With Sweet Potato & Salmon for Puppies and Adult Dogs
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Price: 52.98 for 1 bag (15 lbs)

For all breeds of puppies & adult dogs!

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The perfect grain-free recipe! Together, herring and salmon provide significant amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, which can help skin problems, allergies, alleviate arthritis pain, reduce the risk of heart disease, and improve behavior and intelligence. Wild caught herring is a high quality novel protein.

Recently, there have been concerns about dog foods with legumes as the main ingredient (read more). This doesn't apply to our recipe because high-quality fish protein is our main ingredient! Our recipe has approximately 30% human-grade legumes: green lentils and chickpeas — and no peas of any form! Also, we don't "split ingredients," which is a technique commonly used in the pet food industry: if there are multiple forms of peas listed in the ingredients, it's likely the total pea is the main ingredient! We use a healthy variety of quality ingredients with no "techniques" to hide the truth.

Sweet potatoes are often ranked as the most nutritious of all vegetables — a nutritional "superstar"! They contain higher levels of the antioxidant beta-carotene than most other vegetables, are high in dietary fiber, protein, vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium, but low in sodium and fat — an all-around perfect choice for your dog's healthy diet!

"New pup was not treated or fed very well from breeder and we put her on your puppy formula food. After 4 days the results are nothing short of amazing. Looks like a different dog and we are very pleased. Older Rhodesian is on your chicken and brown rice formula and that is the best food we have ever used." Thanks again, Ron & Rene
  • Salmon and herring are wild-caught.
  • Chickpeas and green lentils are nutritious legumes from human-grade sources.
  • Tapioca is a natural carbohydrate that's grain-free and gluten-free.
  • No tomato pomace, white rice, corn, wheat, or soy.
  • No Yucca schidigera extract
  • Always stored in FDA-certified Food Grade conditions — always super fresh!

Samples? Instead of a small sample, try 1 bag of each recipe risk-free! We have a hassle-free guarantee: your dog will be over the moon or we'll give you a full refund! Just pass it on to a friend and try a different recipe.

You'll feed at least 25% less! Oven-baked food is heartier than other pet foods — feed less and pay less! And superior digestibility and assimilation means you'll clean up less! The high-quality nutrients are used—not wasted! See how little it costs to feed your dog the best!

Why oven-bake? There are many reasons why oven-baking is better than extrusion, but mainly, we know because we saw it: over 20 years of selling oven-baked pet foods, our pets had fewer health issues, reduced vet bills, and increased vitality and well-being when their pets dine on our premium, all-natural oven-baked pet foods.

Why only 15-pound bags? Freshness! We don't sell huge bags so that your dog always has the freshest meal possible! You enjoy the savings of a larger size; your dog enjoys the small batch freshness of our standard bag size.

Shelf life? Our foods are kept in climate controlled, food grade conditions. Store in a cool, dry place, keep it in the bag it's shipped in, and it will stay fresh for at least a year.

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