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Romeo at 9 Weeks

"More pictures!!"

Tootsie at 14 Years

Breed: West Highland White Terrier Weight: 3 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: Romeo is a little rascal, and likes to roughhouse with our older dog, Tootsie.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He is being crate trained and loves sleeping in his crate. When he is housebroken, he will probably sleep in my room (in his crate)?
Story: He is the love of my life right now but a lot of work, as puppies are. He was the runt of the litter, and wasn't expected to survive. I want to give him a chance to live a long healthy life, and that's why I want the best food with out dangerous carcinogens.

Breed: Terrier MixGender: Female

Staff: Deborah Goldufsky
Home: San Jose, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 28, 2006

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