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Our Miss Molly

Sunshine Kitty
Molly at 8 Years

"Roses! My favorite treat!"
Molly at 10 Years

Molly at 11 Years

Breed: Domestic Mediumhair CatVariety: Calico
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: We recently changed Molly's food from a brand we purchased at our veterinarian's office to Flint River cat food. She loves the food and we love that she's eating healthy! Molly loves all Flint River Ranch foods and treats.
Favorite Activities: Molly is an indoor kitty and much company to us both. We love her independent, yet loving spirit. She loves to venture out on our second floor deck to watch the birds and survey the surrounding area for any intruding animals, especially cats. If she sees one, she runs down the stairs and to the windows, guarding her home.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She loves to sleep on Wayne's desk while he is reading the morning paper and at other times is found sleeping on the backs of couches. Her favorite place to sleep is on the third step of our staircase so she can "keep watch" through our glass front door. Day or night she is guarding the home.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Whenever I come in the house after being in the backyard, she meows for a rose. We began a ritual where she would get a rose to eat each day when our roses are in bloom, which is most of the year in Arizona. It's her most favorite treat!
Story: Molly was brought to us by our daughter, who rescued Molly, her brother and sisters and also her mother. The family of newborn kittens was born on the patio of a college student's apartment. My daughter found homes for all the kittens and mother, except Molly, so she brought her home to us. Molly has been a joy ever since our daughter put her in our arms. Molly has always loved to eat flowers... any kind of flower, but roses are her favorite.

Staff: Wayne and Nicki Warren
Home: Chandler, AZ
Date Entered into Gallery: March 21, 2006

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