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"There's Red up the tree now!"
Sally at 12 Years

Being Greeted by Friends and Neighbors at Her Birthday Party
Sally at 15 Years

Breed: Border CollieGender: Female
Birthday: July 19, 1993
Favorite Food: Flint River mixed with chicken, or beef, or some scrambled eggs. However, I'm not a chow hound.
Favorite Activities: Chasing tennis balls and long walks with my owner. We walk 3 miles every day.
Favorite Place to Sleep: On the family room couch, but my owner lets me sleep wherever I like.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: "I'm the resident guard for the house when my friend Lou is out. I'm a good security canine. I can hear someone outside and warn my owner. I know lots of words and react to commands. My favorite words are... let's play ball, let's go for a walk, let's go by-by, come get your treat, and take a break."
Story: I was born in San Jose, California... moved to Phoenix when I was two (was it ever hot there... had to spend summers at my friend Lou's place in Morgan Hill), moved back to Silicone Valley in 96 for 4 years, my mother then moved to a high rise apartment in San Francisco in 2000, so... I went to live with my friend Lou in Morgan Hill. I like living with Lou because he has a large house on acreage in a nice semi-rural area. My friend Lou is retired so he has a lot of time for me. We hang around together and we keep each other company. My Mom comes and visits us from time to time, so I see her too. We meet lots of people and dogs on our walks and I've made some new friends. I love living in Morgan Hill. I know that Border Collies look a lot alike but I have a distinguishing feature: I have two silver canines on my right side. Yep... two silver teeth... that's how you can tell it's really me.
"I make sure that those pesky bluejays and squirrels stay out of our yard. There's Red up the tree now. He's a real pest and first class troublemaker. If he dares to come on my deck I'm going to nip him right on the butt. Hey... that's my job! Cheers..." Sally

Staff: Luciano Wilder
Home: Morgan Hill, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 18, 2006

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