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Rufus at 1 Year

Breed: Jack Russell TerrierGender: Male
Full Name: Rufus Wainwright Wood
Favorite Food: He's one of Flint River Ranch's biggest fans. Never is there an empty dish in the morning and at night. His coat is shining and soft and his teeth are pearly as well.
Favorite Activities: His favorite things to do is follow us under foot every where we go and let us know he loves us with a long white tail wagging, and kisses. Toys are standard under the couch and tables and, when he's not chewing on these, there is always an empty water bottle around to pass the time.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Never at a loss for excitement, Rufus has brought so much joy to our family and friends and we love him dearly; even late at night when he thinks it's absolutely necessary to wake us for a late night walk.
Story: The Humane Society of Butler County was kind enough to let us take him home this past May 26. He was found roaming around outside at an age that appeared to be about 7-9 months. By his markings and energy, we are almost certain he is mostly Jack Russell but would appreciate any other ideas. Our Vet indicates a condition called pulmonic stenosis that Jacks have in some form or another, and it tires him out but he gets right back up when he's rested. He loves his cousins Masie, the golden retriever, Nita, the beagle, Crisco, the Pigmy goat, Tommy, the miniature donkey, and Boots, the lamb. All at Grandma and Granddad's and Aunt Katie's house on 30 acres in the heart of Butler County, PA. After a day out there, he's sure to sleep the night... We love him and are very glad he's with us. Thanks to the Butler Humane Society and Flint River Ranch pet food.

Staff: Patty and Scott Wood
Home: Butler, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: November 7, 2006

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