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"On the Bluffs where we live!"
Miss "G" at 6 Years

"In the mustard field."

Eat Crow? "Why won't you play with me?" I am friendly, really I am, and I am the same color as you!"

Drunk again on life in Mom's garden on my very own bench.

"I hear the UPS truck (from a mile away), I wonder, is that my Flint River order being delivered?"

"Oh Goody, Master Stephen is making his famous Toll House Cookies with that machine and I get to lick the mixer if I sit here real still and just patiently watch and wait."

Miss "G"
Breed: Labrador RetrieverGender: Female
Favorite Food: "G" is so happy to see the UPS truck come now because she gets to open her own package. It entertains her for an afternoon. We love Flint River Ranch products.

She is now 6 years young and going strong thanks to her friends at Flint River Ranch, Mom and Bill's vegetable juice pulp, raw eggs and raw cheese.

Favorite Activities: She absolutely loves to play soccer at the beach. She also loves everything and everyone. She plays with a group of dogs daily, ranging from a Shih Tzu to Great Danes. She desperately wants to meet a cat but hasn't come across one relaxed enough to handle her high playful energy.
Story: We got her from the pound a year and half ago. It was a lot of work the first eight months with "G," but definitely paid off. She is an awesome companion. Lots of fun and love.

Staff: Debra Leach
Home: Moss Beach, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 13, 2006

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