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Effie Mae at 3 Months

Finn (left) and Effie Mae
At 18 Months

Effie Mae
Breed: Cairn TerrierWeight: 8 pounds
Gender: FemaleBirthday: October 4, 2006
Full Name: Effie Mae (Hull) Cairn Terrierist
Favorite Food: Only Flint River Ranch for Effie Mae.
Effie Mae is my 'wild child' and has been quite a challenge for all of us. She is sweet and cuddlesome - but on her terms.

Breed: Cairn TerrierGender: Male
Birthday: October 4, 2006
Story: Finn belongs to a friend of mine and we get our 'kids' together frequently for a glorious reunion to chase and tumble together. We each decided to do this within a few weeks after bringing them to our respective homes and it has been an awsome experience to watch these two siblings develop. They were 8 weeks old when we got them. They just love each other so much and you should hear them on each side of the fence as we approach just 'going nuts' until they can be together. They are each often exposed to other dog friends but never interact with the others as they do each other. Finn is a perfect gentleman. They both have trained admirably and are healthy and very bright. We had a 1 year old birthday party for them with banners, balloons, and treats. They wore hats and it was all very festive.

Staff: Carol Hull
Home: Sacramento, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 23, 2007

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