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Cuddle Time
Izabelle at 15 Months (left) and Gabriel at 2 Years

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Favorite Food: Bonita Flakes. When we start getting down to half a bag of Bonita Flakes he hounds me until I show him that I've ordered more. I've never seen two cats that would leave catnip for something else, but these two do. They have to have their Bonita Flakes every night before bed. At first my husband was opening the container I put them in and letting Izzie eat out of it, he went through an ounce and a half in two weeks! I told him they were snacks, not a meal! He now gives them a pinch each.
Favorite Activities: Wrestling, bird watching, and napping.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: They're cats, everything they do is special! Or so they think! But they do help with my husband's high blood pressure, it's dropped since we brought Gabby into our family. And Izzie has mellowed him out.
Story: Gabby was lonely, so I started looking for another cat on Pet Finders. I found several that sounded like they would fit in with out family and showed them to my husband. He said we wanted another kitten. As luck would have it I kept looking at one, but thought he wanted a cat around Gabby's age. So I should him the kitten's picture and we adopted her a couple of days later. We brought her in the house and put the crate on the floor for Gabby to see her. Opened the door and out she shot, straight for Gab, purring the whole time. She started rubbing against him, he hissed once, which didn't phase her one bit. They've been great buddies ever since. Izzie is about half the size of Gabby and is a normal-sized cat. She doesn't let his size intimidate her at all, she is the ruler of this house! Just ask her. She wasn't as well socialized as I would have liked, but she has come around now. She can be such a sweetheart or a real demon when she wants. My husband has never been much of an animal person, until I brought Gabby home. Now he has them both so spoiled it's funny.

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatWeight: 16 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: Gabby was someone's throw-away, he showed up at work one very cold day Nov. 2004. He had very little body fat and a very thin coat of hair, too thin for that kind of weather. He was very friendly and went to see everyone who was outside on break. He was a big talker, hence the name Gabby. I decided to take him home even though my husband had been saying no more pets after our last cat passed away at 14 years old. But I just couldn't leave him in the condition he was in. I was going to feed him and make a place for him in the barn, trying to make a barn cat out of him, but when my husband came home from work and saw him, he told me to get him in the house! It was way too cold out for him. I took him to the vet a couple of days later to have him checked out and vaccinated. The vet said he weighed 5 lbs., was around 6 months old and would be a large cat. Boy he wasn't kidding! Gabby just turned 3 years old and weights 16 lbs., but he's not fat, just big! He now has a nice soft, thick coat of hair, though he doesn't need it since he now an inside cat. No more great outdoors for him.

Staff: David and Sharon Knight
Home: Shepherdsville, KY
Date Entered into Gallery: June 4, 2007

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