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Gilbert at 10 Months

"Who's out there?"

Enjoying the Sunshine

Naptime Can Be Taken Anywhere

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatVariety: Orange Tabby
Gender: Male
Full Name: E. Gilbert Timoldi
Favorite Activities: He is more a cat's cat than a people's cat. He loves his Dot, too. That's his laser toy and his Bug Video on DVD.
Story: We adopted our three-legged cat. My grandson, Luke and my friend, (who's yard he was born in), kept asking us to take him in but we didn't want another cat; we already have three girls, also strays. Another friend said she would take him but at the last minute she couldn't. The longer he stayed the more my husband, Tom, fell in love with him, first more out of pity than love. So he decided to keep him. He has since been neutered and has had surgery on his missing limb. He was in such terrible shape when we got him at 6 weeks old. His mom was rejecting him and wasn't nursing him hardly at all. He was full of fleas and malnourished. Today he is a very happy cat and loves his new mom and dad. He loves his sisters although two of them aren't as crazy about him, but he loves them anyway. My grandson, Luke, wanted to call him Edward but he doesn't really look like an Edward he looks like a Gilbert so out of respect for Luke his first initial is E for Edward. When he is happy he has the loudest high squeaky pitch to his purr, he sounds very excited and happy. We love him and thank God for bringing him to us.

Staff: Tom and Judy Timoldi
Home: Bayonne, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: June 7, 2007

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