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Stella at 3 Years


Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Full Name: Stella Marie Magee McPhee
Story: I met her when my cat at the time, Flora, was dying of cancer. I'd see Stella at the vet every time I went in with Flora, and before I knew it, I'd go by just to visit Stella on my own. She was just boarding at the vet, but her owner never came to get her, so after WEEKS of pleading my case, I finally got the privilege of taking her home. She was a huge comfort to Flora in her last days, and she's been a pleasure to live with ever since. Stella and I sleep together in a tangle of arms and paws and she grumbles in protest when I have to turn over and bring her with me. She loves to play fetch and has SYSTEMATICALLY STOLEN all of my makeup brushes.

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Story: Chicken is a rescue cat who came to live with us amidst a fanfare of screeching, clawing, and generally TERRORIZING me and Stella. She took a LONG time to come around, but she's now sweet as can be; she loves to snuggle up, but she still doesn't like to be held or feel confined. When she gets grumpy, she voices a growl that sounds just like a cappuccino-maker. When she's not "making cappuccino," she loves to "make biscuits" (that little kneading thing they do with their paws on blankets). Before Chicken came to live with us, Stella had never tried it, but Stella has apparently learned it from Chicken and she now does it too, with that little bliss-face on.
Even in my tiny Manhattan apartment, the girls still manage to find little hiding places to steal naps, and occasionally I wonder if I've lost one. The last time I "lost" Stella, I finally had to resort to opening a cat treat bag to lure her out as I scanned the room to see where she was hiding. After hearing a noise, I turned to see her slowly extract herself from a suitcase that was BARELY open. First I saw her little black feet, each with a single gold toe, and watched as she, with GREAT effort, extracted herself from the tiny hole. In short, Stella and Chicken (I SWEAR she named herself, I wanted to call her Astrid or Aurora to go with a celestial theme, but every time I opened my mouth to call her, I'd say "Chicken," so I guess it wasn't up to me), have made my every day better just by being in it. Between their sweetness, and their ongoing missions to find new mischief, I am forever awed by their smarts and trickery. (Don't get me started on Stella's fascination with the "Majesty of Her Paw" and all the things it can knock off the coffee table..) At long last, I'll wrap it up by saying that nothing makes me more content than hanging with the girls, and even though I'm only 31, the idea of becoming a "crazy spinster with cats" in 40 years doesn't sound half bad!

Staff: Amanda Bradley
Home: New York, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: June 14, 2007

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