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Misty at 13 Years

Sheba at 11 Years

Breed: Persian MixGender: Female
Favorite Food: Misty is 13 years old and doesn't act a day older than about two... and I attribute most of this to her Flint River Ranch Cat & Kitten food. She has had inflammatory bowl disease (IBD) her entire life. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of dollars I have spent on "specialized and unique" cat foods trying to find food she could digest and that did not make her belly swell and cause her to walk around crying all day or having to run to the litter box all the time! And I have taken her to so many vets in her lifetime trying to accomplish this because IBD can't really be treated in cats, so it has to be controlled by diet. Due to Misty's special needs I buy the Flint River Ranch Cat & Kitten food for the extra nutrition that kittens need because digestive problems can cause her not to get the nutrition she needs from adult food and she is so very healthy eating this food!
Story: The queen Misty has been my buddy and shadow and has lived in about five states and is always a trouper. Misty thinks that Sheba is the family cat (it certainly couldn't be her; she's human!) and Misty would rather hang out with me than go off and do cat things. She is leashed-trained and always comes when you call her name. She meets me at the door every day and has done so for 13 years!

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Favorite Food: Misty and her cat friend, Sheba, have been eating Flint River Ranch Cat & Kitten food for about four years now and Sheba won't even touch a treat of ANY KIND! If it's not her Flint River Ranch food, she's not interested, period!
Story: Sheba is about 11 years old and doesn't act a day over two either, and is just the most pleasant cat on the planet... if everyone had known a cat like Sheba, everyone on the planet would love cats!

Staff: Rita Martin
Home: Phoenix, AZ
Date Entered into Gallery: June 20, 2007

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