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"Look Mom! I cleaned my plate... mmm good, FLINT RIVER RANCH! Now I'm full of energy and ready to roar!"
LolaBug at 3 Months

"I'm ready for a snooze with my favorite toy, Momo!"


"I love "guarding" my family by keeping watch at the bay window! Ferocious! GRRR!"
Miz Lizzie Belle at 3 Years (left) and Sozo at 6 Years

"Yes, I am royalty! Flexible, of course!"
Sozo at 6 Years

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful! I'll share my beauty secrets with you, girlfriend!"
Miz Lizzie Belle at 3 Years

Breed: Japanese ChinWeight: 4 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch! - The only foods she knows! Is there anything else a dog would eat??
Favorite Activities: Annoying her big brother and sister, Sozo and Lizzie Belle! And being cute is a close second!
Favorite Place to Sleep: I will sleep anywhere, as long as my Mom is nearby! ;o)

Breed: Japanese ChinWeight: 7 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: I eat healthy. Only a diet of Flint River Ranch for me!
Favorite Activities: He loves to play ball and snooze on the deck in the sunshine.
Favorite Place to Sleep: With Mom and Daddy, of course!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He THINKS he has skills of being the guard dog, but just say "BOO!" and you'll see that he's NOT a guard dog.
Story: Sozo was the first pet we obtained as a family and he is truly the bond that pulled this blended family together. He is truly special!

Miz Lizzie Belle
Breed: Japanese ChinWeight: 5 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch! Eat it and your coat will be shiny and gorgeous, too!
Favorite Activities: Sitting on her perch (which is usually my lap!) overseeing everything and everyone!
Favorite Place to Sleep: With Mom, Daddy, and Sozo under the covers!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Being a princess!
Story: Miz Lizzie Belle is a rescue dog and she is truly grateful to us. She is loving, well behaved, and loyal. But most of all... she is OUR adorable pup.

Staff: Jackie Lapino
Home: Raleigh, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: June 21, 2007

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