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The Big Sister
Roxie at 2 Years

The Baby
Lily at 9 Months

Breed: Boxer MixGender: Female
Favorite Place to Sleep: They both have the mistaken idea that the the big bed in the master bedroom is for them and aren't quite sure why I make them move when it is time for me to turn in. After all, they believe they are just as human as I am except they have four legs and no thumbs.
Story: These two are quite a pair. You would think they were Mom and pup, as opposed to adopted two years apart. Roxie accepted Lily the instant I brought her home, not one disagreement of any kind. I just recently bought and moved into a new house. Finally, last weekend I managed to get the dog door installed in the back door. Roxie has had one all of her two years, so she remembered right off how to go in and out. Lily, however, only had used one for about two weeks before we moved and she was only 10 weeks old, so she didn't remember how to use it. Well, after four days of "Big Sister" Roxie going half way out the door so that Lily could climb through the door under Roxie's belly and between her front legs to go in or out, she too can use the door on her own now. It was absolutely amazing to watch! :)

Breed: DachshundVariety: Miniature
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: The two of them get going on what I call "a tear" and they chase each other around in circles until Lily darts into a space too small for Roxie to fit into. When Lily thinks its all clear, she darts out and runs as fast as she can to the next small place to sneak into. They are more entertaining than most people I know. I sit out on the back porch and just watch them chase each other until they have worn each other out.
I thank the Lord for being able to have them. They are both great dogs and they help keep me in reality when things start getting a little nuts.

Staff: Allison Bailey
Home: The Dalles, OR
Date Entered into Gallery: June 27, 2007

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