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Duffy at 3 Years

The Cairn Terrorist

Breed: Cairn TerrierGender: Male
Favorite Food: Duffy loves fruits and vegetables.
Favorite Activities: One of his favorite activities is to chase the beam of a flashlight. He'll go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth more times than I want to type. He knows the plumber has a flashlight so he pesters the poor guy until he gets it out and turns it on. He noticed that a little hand mirror can reflect the sun or indoor lights and make the reflection move about so he gets as excited when he sees the mirror as he does when he sees... or even hears the switch on the flashlight. His other favorite thing to do is go to the vet. He gets excited when he sees the exit ramp from the freeway and then more when I pull into the parking lot.
Story: The breeder said that his parents are from Danish Cairns so he's a little larger than most Cairn Terriers.

Staff: Bill Richards
Home: Vancouver, BC, Canada,
Date Entered into Gallery: July 3, 2007

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