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Be be Tica
Weight: 50 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: I love my Flint River Trout & Potato.
Story: I am a Latina dog from Jaco Costa Rica. I grew up living on the streets and by age one I was pregnant, been in a car accident, and had many ticks and fleas. My favorite person was an 8 year old boy named Alex. I hung around a couple of ice cream parlors at night and slept in cool places during the day.

One night in January last year I heard crying over the ice cream parlor. I went to see what was wrong and perhaps lie on the cool tile floor. “Maybe someone will feed me something or tell me how cute I am or perhaps the nice people that were there before came back and will feed me!” I thought. I went up and around and there was a beautiful woman all alone. She was happy to see me and invited me to share a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and keep her company. I stayed outside her door all night long.

In the morning I saw her talking to the Italian lady and I knew she was asking about me. I felt very special. I decided to stay around and the next thing I knew she had a red collar and leash. “Is that for me?” I wondered. She gave me some treats and we talked a whole lot. I welcomed her to my beautiful country and that afternoon we walked half way up the rain forest. She shared her water with me and we saw a pair of scarlet macaw parrots flying but no monkeys.

I think it was love at first sight. I was a little shy when she invited me in for a shower. I promised to be the nicest dog she ever had. The next day I went to the veterinarian and had all kinds of shots and my ears cleaned. “I think this lady is serious about me!” I thought. I saw papers, money, and toys being exchanged. I also heard about cold snowy New England. I was going to be going on a long flight in an airplane or maybe two.

I went to say goodbye to Alex, my friends at Pops the ice cream parlor, the water, and my street friends all week long. I heard her tell the little boy she was going to buy a Web camera so he could see me. I had no idea about my new life but I knew I would be safer. I made it to Boston, Massachusetts and it was very cold. She promised me a good life and that she would take good care of me.

“Wow” I thought this place is huge. There were all kinds of things to eat and I am very happy. I hope she did not expect me to go out in the cold. She told me not to get too comfortable because we would be moving to Florida soon.

We arrived in Florida in April. It was hot like my homeland. There are lots of lizards and squirrels here in Florida. I am a very happy healthy dog today with a great master. We are great companions. We love each other very much and today I have lots of dog and human friends and toys along with a nice bed to sleep in. Life is good.

Staff: Joan Aaronson
Home: Sarasota, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: July 9, 2007

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