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Relaxing on Her Deck
Scarlett at 6 Years

Standing at Attention
Tommy at 2 Years

Breed: Labrador Retriever MixVariety: Black
Weight: 80 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: As you know, since I am a Lab, I will eat anything, even if it's not edible.
Favorite Activities: Relaxing on my deck, keeping an eye out for whatever comes my way. I love to do that, and love to swim.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: I have done agility and water rescue training.
Story: I was adopted as a newborn puppy. I am named after one of the famous characters in Gone with the Wind. My mother was found in Ridgeland, SC. Once I was born, my human Mom brought me to Hilton Head, SC.

Breed: Labrador Retriever MixVariety: Chocolate
Weight: 70 poundsGender: Male
Favorite Food: He will eat almost anything.
Favorite Activities: Tommy also loves the water.
Favorite Place to Sleep: We are very lucky... we both get to sleep in the bedroom at night.
Story: Tommy was found running loose on Hilton Head Island. He was brought to the local Humane Assn. Mom found him there, and brought him home about a year ago. The people at the shelter named him Thomas, but he is much too goofy to be a Thomas, so we just call him Tommy. At first, Scarlett wasn't too crazy about him, but she really likes him now, and they are best buddies.

Staff: Rosemary Sparacio
Home: Hilton Head Island, SC
Date Entered into Gallery: July 9, 2007

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