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Angel at 11 Months

Angel at 9 Months

She Could Be an Excellent Catcher for the Padres!

Always on the Go

Breed: Australian ShepherdGender: Female
Favorite Food: Carrots and peanut butter.
Favorite Activities: Her favorite thing to do is chase that darn ball! She will run and jump literally all day long if we allow it. She is very obsessed about her ball! She also likes Frisbee! We must take the time to enroll her in agility training - she needs to get rid of all that extra energy.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In bed with Mom and Dad spooning, of course!
Story: We adopted her at 3 months old from Helen Woodward Animal Center; she is a rescue dog from Arizona. She is our only child so is very spoiled! She loves to travel with Dad all day in the truck with his business.

Staff: Ruth and David Miller
Home: San Diego, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: July 11, 2007

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