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"Happy birthday to me!"
Wolfie at 1 Year

Wolfie at 2 Years

Sophie-Rose at 1 Year

Breed: PomeranianWeight: 8 pounds
Gender: Female
Full Name: Katerina Wolfina von Wolfenstein
Favorite Food: Wolfie really likes her Flint River Ranch food the best, although she has been known to enjoy cottage cheese, cheese cubes, yogurt, sweet potatoes, pizza, and pasta with red sauce! She gets Dingo bones and healthy treats like duck breast jerky wrapped around sweet potatoes, turkey sticks, and chicken coins.
Favorite Activities: Wolfie LOVES going for walks and on field trips. We go to this great place in Houston that is a combination feed store with antiques. It's called Wabash Feed and Antiques... but they have live, beautiful chickens in multi-colors, roosters, ducks, geese, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, doves, mice, tiny birds, and a great big parrot who saw Wolfie sniffing at her cage and walked herself around the cage with the aid of her giant beak, and took one good look at Wolfie and reached her huge claw right out through the bars to touch her! Wolfie was in my arms, and I backed away slowly so the parrot couldn't take hold of Wolfie. But it was such a Kodak moment! I think the parrot just wanted to touch her, not hurt her, but I wasn't taking any chances!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Wolfie loves to sleep on her back. It's her favorite position and she'll sleep on the carpet or on my bed, preferably in the middle of four soft-toss pillows. Her little legs splay out to the sides and her paws curl in front of her and she looks so innocent.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Wolfie has no responsibilities other than to have a happy life. She recently completed puppy class at PetSmart so she can do a few basic things like down and sit. The funniest thing she does is when she gets to go outside and romp, when you call her name, she jumps straight up in the air, spins around, and lands looking right at you. Also, about 8:00 every night, she loses her mind and runs all over the place like she's on fire with her tail straight out behind her.
Story: I researched for 5 years on the Internet on Poms. I looked at every conceivable breeder's site I could find and revisited each site again and again to see their dogs, read about their stories and evaluate as I gained more knowledge. I began to hear the same dogs' names over and over who were studs and bitches. I visited a breeder in Iowa, Diane Finch (Finch's Pomeranians), and she has been a tremendous help and has a wonderful Web site. She has been breeding poms for 40 years and it shows with her galleries of champion men and ladies. She keeps an immaculate kennel, and the inside of her home is pristine ~ no dog smell. One day, I came upon C & J Pomeranians out of Eudora, Kansas. I saw a tiny, 7-week-old baby named Lily who really looked like a wolf dog with a "Got Milk?" chin. I fell in love, and a month later, she was shipped to me and renamed Katerina Wolfina von Wolfenstein, or Wolfie. I hold a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate in music. My masters degree is in Voice/Opera, and Pomerania is located in Northeastern Germany, so she had to have a German operatic name. My dad wanted me to call her Pepper. Pepper?? I don't think so. So she is tagged with a name befitting her lineage that also reflects my interests. People's eyes get wide and they laugh when they hear me say her name with a perfect German accent ~ it's quite impressive! She gets many compliments on her coloring and with a real "shyness problem" of licking anything that comes near her and wagging her tail, and trying to leap into the arms of the admirer, she never meets a stranger.
Wolfie had surgery a week ago on her left rear knee. She was born with a luxating patella, not uncommon in small dogs, and is hopping around on three legs, which breaks my heart. She is on the mend for what I understand can be up to 8 weeks of healing. I am terrified she may have to have it done on her other knee. It was a grade 1 and we caught it early, so she has an excellent chance of a good, thorough healing; better than had I waited until she was 3 or 4 years old and arthritis could have set in. But it's hard to see her that way. I treat Wolfie like the Crown Jewels; she is my fur-child and I do my level best for her.

Breed: PomeranianWeight: 5 pounds
Gender: Female
Full Name: Sophia Rosina von Wolfenstein
Story: Sophie-Rose from Diane Finch of Finch's Pomeranians in Iowa. Sophie-Rose's father is Parker (who belongs to Diane Finch), and Parker is also Wolfie's grandfather and great-grandfather. So they are related... somewhere down the line!
I got Sophie-Rose so that Wolfie would have a playmate and a little sister for company, as I am gone 12-15 hours a day most days and it was killing me to leave her for that length of time. I have had Sophie for 8 months, now, and they are learning to be sisters. Fortunately, Wolfie is a sweet and patient girl, and allows Sophie to jump on her while she is on her back and they tussle and play. She has also begun to learn to be a person from Wolfie and Wolfie is learning how to be a dog from Sophie. It's working out well, and I find myself wishing for a third little girl... I must be insane.

Staff: Lesa Jacobsen
Home: Houston, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: November 14, 2007

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