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Sassie (left) and Tucker
Christmas Portrait, 2007

Sassie at 5 Months

Playing in the Yard

Tucker and Sassie

Best Friends

Breed: Golden Retriever/Tibetan Spaniel MixWeight: 12 pounds
Gender: Female
Full Name: Sassafras
Favorite Activities: She is very curious and smart and learning the "rules" of living with humans very quickly. She has a "big brother" (Tucker, #1777) whom she adores and follows everywhere, much to his dismay at times. One of her favorite activities is to wait on the ottoman until he walks by, then jump on him or watch him intently while he chews on his bone until he stops chewing, then take it over herself. Every time she goes into the yard, she returns with leaves, sticks, pine cones, or chunks of dirt in her mouth--definitely a retriever! Tucker is a great teacher for learning to "go" outside and walk on a leash.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Sassie loves to visit my mother in the retirement apartments and will sit quietly next to anyone in a wheelchair to be petted. I think she will make a great therapy pet in the future.
Story: We "found" her at the APL. She is a Golden Spaniel... yes, I know there is no such thing; we made it up. She has golden retriever fur, ears and personality, and a Spaniel head shape and face markings. We love people’s reactions when we say she is a golden spaniel :-). I think it might be the next great breed of dogs!

Staff: Donna Brown
Home: Springfield, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: November 21, 2007

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