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Nitro at 7 Years (left) and Darby Nadine at 15 Weeks

Breed: Akita MixWeight: 95 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: He has been on Flint River ranch for about a year now. We have struggled with his weight for years, but not anymore. He is down to a svelte 95 lbs from 126! The Flint River Ranch Trout and Sweet Potato is his favorite, but he also loves the Lamb/Millet/Rice. Now and then I mix in a little raw meat as a super special treat! He is doing fabulous!
Story: Since puppy hood, he has appointed himself guardian of the Gritton family. Has saved my bacon twice, and a few months ago, very well may have saved my youngest son from getting run over on our busy street. My son got our front door open and headed out and down the steps. Nitro barked (very rare for him to do), and I came out of my bedroom where I was getting dressed for work. I saw the door, and Randy tottering down the steps, heading for the road. Nitro ran down the steps, and stood in front of Randy, stopping him long enough for me to catch up and scoop up my naughty little toddler. From that day on, we keep childproof door knob protectors on all the doors! Nitro has our undying love and devotion, the same that he shows us every day.

Darby Nadine
Breed: Border Collie/Australian Shepherd MixGender: Female
Favorite Food: She eats the Flint River Ranch Trout and Sweet Potato and also loves the Lamb/Millet/Rice. Sometimes she gets a scrap of raw meat in her dish or a raw egg for a treat.
Story: Smart as a whip and full of vim and vinegar. I tell ya what! Always right there in the thick of things. Has become the boys’ best playmate! They all run around the house, pretending to be superheroes, saving the world from certain peril!

Staff: Deborah Gritton
Home: Spokane, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 26, 2007

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