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"Let us in Mommy!"
Dolley (left) and Puff
At 11 Years

Breed: Pomeranian/Rat Terrier MixWeight: 8 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch Dry Water.
Favorite Activities: Being held by Mommy and being absolutely the sweetest and most adorable blessing to Mommy. And, of course, dining on some yummy Flint River Ranch!
Story: They are brother and sister and total opposites! They're the joy of my life. This photo was staged to be pictured on my fiance's album sleeve - he wrote a song about them!

Breed: Pomeranian/Rat Terrier MixWeight: 5 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Place to Sleep: On their little pillows.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: They have a knack for making Mommy feel wonderful no matter what's happening and also make for the best alarm system!
Story: My sweet Puff was very close to dying with a terrible liver infection a year ago, but Flint River Ranch along with the best care I could provide him helped nurse him back to being better than ever!!

Staff: Christine Pfeffer
Home: Spring, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: January 19, 2008

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