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Abby at 4 Months

Brushing Her Teeth
Abby at 6 Months

So Happy

Breed: Norwich TerrierGender: Female
Full Name: Abigail
Favorite Food: Sweet potatoes, trout, yogurt, and, of course, Flint River Ranch... She was weaned onto Flint River Ranch Lamb/Millet/Rice at 6 weeks old.
Favorite Activities: Chasing after her park friends, children, dogs (size doesn't matter) and loves people. She's very lovable and everyone in contact loves Abby.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In my arms cradled like a baby... she purrs like a cat.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She already sits, and comes when called. She's almost housebroken.
Story: Her uncle, Champion "Handsome Hubert," was accepted in Madison Square Garden's Dog show this year. Watch him on TV.
She especially loves, Peanut, a Pomeranian.

Staff: Glen and Janice
Home: Phoenixville, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 6, 2008

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