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Left-to-right: Max at 4 Years, Katje at 10 Years, Duke at 9 Years, Remus at 8 Years

Francis Benoit

Gracie at 2 Years (left) and Gracon at 6 Weeks

Gracon at 1 Year

Breed: Papillon/Pomeranian MixGender: Male
Story: He was rescued in 2004, wasn't wanted so he came home with me and loves everything... especially playing with all the other doggies. He sits on the counter most of the day... thinking I just might make their favorite homemade kibble.

Breed: DachshundVariety: Sealskin Black and Tan
Gender: Female
Story: She was a birthday gift to my husband. She sits and wants all the other doggies to groom her.

Breed: DachshundVariety: Sealskin Black and Tan
Gender: Male
Story: He was a rescue that wasn't wanted. He came home to me and loves my sister the most when she visits. He walks around like he is the prince.

Breed: Miniature PinscherGender: Male
Favorite Place to Sleep: He loves to sleep on the bed at night.
Story: He and his brother or father (we are not sure which) were running on a busy highway like wild dogs lost. Cars stopped at my farm asking if they were mine. I said, "Mine!!!" I ran as fast as I could to count everyone in the house. I said all mine are here... they said they are going to get killed on the road. Needless to say... I got both of them and they have settled in quite nicely and are the sweetest. The elder of them is named Romulus (both named after Greek mythology of the two brothers running in the wild lost and raised by wolves). They are a delight and you would not even know they were rescued. They fit in well.

Francis Benoit
Breed: Bichon FriséGender: Male
Story: Always laughing and being happy and has all the other 15 enjoying life as much as him. In this picture, he is peeking to see if maybe there is a treat awaiting for him... funny boy. His previous owners didn't want him anymore, since they were moving and I looked into his eyes and he said, "I will love you forever!" He loves everyone.

Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves Flint River Ranch.
Favorite Activities: Gracie loves to play fetch and carries around her favorite toy.
Story: My friend worked at an asphalt plant and told me about this mother that looks like "Toto" and had six babies and... Yep, you guessed it... my heart on my sleeve says it all. The people at the asphalt plant told me that during a heavy rainstorm she took each one of the six big pups up a hill to safety. What a good mother! I brought home the mother and took her straight to the groomer; she was full of mats, her dewclaw was stuck to her beard, and had so many ticks. She groomed up nicely so that you wouldn't know it was the same doggie other than her personality. She lived outside at the asphalt plant all the time and to this day prefers not to go out... especially in the storms. And, yes, I took one of her sons.

Gender: Male
Favorite Food: They all love Flint River Ranch.
Favorite Activities: Gracon loves to run in the snow. He runs real fast and spins and runs real fast the other way.
Story: As you see, when I got him, she took him behind one of my totes and protected him along with all the stuffed toys I had out for everyone else. He is now as big as a Lab and looks like an Elk-hound and is shy and bashful but loves to run with all the other doggies and gently jumps up on my chest to lie and nuzzle to get lovings. He also went to the groomer. All the others in my household (all add up to 16) love each other... a spat here and there but over all well behaved.

Staff: Juli Cecchino
Home: Greenville, OH
Date Entered into Gallery: February 13, 2008

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