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"I'm a ham!"
Gus at 3 Years

Breed: Standard PoodleWeight: 52 pounds
Gender: Male
Full Name: Augustus Azur-Bleu
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch Kibble, freeze-dried venison, cheese, and blueberries.
Favorite Activities: Being with me, hiking, and playing with my ferrets.
Favorite Place to Sleep: As close to me as possible.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: I have severe OCD and Gus has helped me tremendously in that respect. I will do anything I need to do to keep Gus happy and healthy no matter how terrifying that may seem to me. Gus also sings along with some songs, TV commercials, and theme songs (He can be seen singing on You Tube).
Story: Gus is from a hobby breeder. He was very timid when I met him; not a desirable trait in a poodle! But because of my own limitations I understood being shy and anxious and we work together to overcome our fears. Now Gus will stand between me and anyone else and I feel so safe having him around. I had moved to Maine and knew no one in the entire state. Seven days later I brought Gus home and suddenly it was so much easier meeting new neighbors. Three years later few people know me but I appear in committees and volunteer lists always as "Gus's Mom."
Wow! Gus has always been a picky eater. Food can sit in his dish for days! Now he is begging for his Flint River! He'll do all kinds of tricks for a single piece of kibble! Usually it takes freeze dried venison to get him this motivated to do anything! I'm thinking of teaching him to do the laundry and the house work by bribing him through the steps with your product! It's too early to see any physical changes due to the food (he's still on a mixture of his previous food and the Flint River) but he's one happy boy and that makes me one happy customer! (And a few other members of my Standard Poodle list have also ordered from you as a result of Gus's response!)
Having Gus led me to joining a wonderful List of other Standard poodle people on the Internet. Together we discuss poodle health and welfare but more importantly, we have become a bonded group of people sharing the love, joy, and comedy these dogs bring into our lives! One member unexpectedly lost her s'poo to an aneurysm and together, the list arranged for her to get a new poodle pup and to fly her to meet the breeder (another list member) and bring her new baby home. Several weeks ago I became incapacitated due to a back injury I have had since I was a child. I knew I would no longer be able to carry all my groceries, pet supplies, and stuff that I get on a monthly basis driving to a city over an hour away. Many list members suggested different foods for my dog, 3 cats, and 2 ferrets that could be delivered. Flint River foods struck a chord with me because of its superior ingredients, philosophy, and honesty. I ordered a bag for Gus and a sample pack for the cats but I had concerns about the manufacturer versus the distributors... I was confused! I received a follow up phone call from customer service explaining things to me and I was so impressed by this level of customer service! About an hour later the food arrived at my door! I had ordered the food on a Saturday and it was at my door on Tuesday!

Staff: Sheila Cavanaugh
Home: Brownville Junction, ME
Date Entered into Gallery: March 10, 2008

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