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Loves Cuddling with Her Daddy
Friendly at 3 Years

See What Happens to Friendly After Too Much Catnip...

Breed: Maine CoonWeight: 9 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Besides Flint River Ranch cat food, she loves chicken that comes on the bone - a whole chicken or wings drive her nuts!
Favorite Activities: Sleeping on Dad's lap and playing with her toys.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Dad's lap or Mom's lap when Dad's lap is not available.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She's a leaper - from the floor to the kitchen island, to the fridge, up on top of the cabinets. She dances when she's about to get fed.
Story: Friendly was a rescue from a kill shelter on Staten Island by Lifeline Rescue in NJ. From there she went to the cages at the Watchung, NJ PetSmart where my sister was volunteering. My sister began fostering her until I was able to break my husband down and convince him that Friendly was the cat for us. He finally gave in and almost a year later we are one happy, hairy, family!
Her name says it all. There isn't a person she doesn't like. Other cats, however, are another story. She attacked and tormented my sister's cat, Jack, who is 5 years her senior and about 8 pounds heavier and twice the physical size, at their first (and only) meeting. In his house, she chased and cornered him while taking numerous swats at him. She came away with a paw full of his hair. He came away with a complex that took about a month to shake.... Good girl, Friendly!

Staff: Jennifer Lopata
Home: Flemington, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: April 17, 2008

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