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Left-to-right: Eli at 7 Years, Vinnie at 1 Year, GinnyK at 22 Months

Gracie at 4 Years

Byron at 9 Years

Dorri at 4 Years

Zephyr at 11 Years

Breed: GreyhoundWeight: 95 pounds
Gender: Male
Story: Eli is retired from racing. He is very gentle and calm, and behaves like a real gentleman. They all came from the same kennel in Kansas.

Breed: GreyhoundGender: Male
Full Name: Cousin Vinny
Favorite Food: He loves peaches and yogurt.
They are quite a trio but Vinnie is the most spoiled. He had a deformed front leg at birth and is a real baby but full of energy.

Breed: GreyhoundGender: Female
GinnyK didn't make the track and is just finding herself, but is proving to be really spunky and likes to get into trouble with Vinnie.

Breed: Oriental ShorthairVariety: Cinnamon Tabby
Weight: 6 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Place to Sleep: Gracie is the "queen bee" of all the kitties. She sleeps under the covers next to me.
Story: She is a retired breeder from Texas where she produced 2 beautiful litters. Gracie is retired to Virginia with the greyhounds and 6 other kitties.

Breed: SiameseGender: Male

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Male

Breed: SiameseVariety: Seal Point
Gender: Male
Zephyr is Mr. Perfect to me and does whatever he wants. He likes to get into any project.

Staff: Sharon Norris
Home: Gloucester, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: June 27, 2008

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