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Muffin at 11 Months (left) and Trouble at 4 Months

Breed: Domestic Mediumhair CatGender: Female
Story: Muffin was an abandoned kitty who came to my house last October, shortly before my Maine Coon, Princess, went to Kitty Heaven. She was starving, so raggedy and thin. I would leave food outside for her to eat. The first time she could barely make it to the food dish and she ate 2+ cups of dry Flint River Kitty food, a regular-sized can and another small can of wet kitty food in one sitting. Three days after this I looked out to see if she had been around to eat and discovered a little white ball of fluff, with the most beautiful emerald green eyes I'd ever seen, sitting on my walk ramp. Muffin had brought her still-nursing kitty to eat. It's no wonder Muffin was so thin! She was homeless, no one to care for her and trying to take care of a rambunctious youngster who was always hungry! To make a long story short, they have now been spayed and have had their rabies shot and Frontline. They have moved into the house with me, although they still want to be outside a lot.

Breed: Domestic Mediumhair CatGender: Female
Story: Trouble is still a bit wild. It's nearly impossible to catch her but this AM she allowed me to stroke her for quite a while. This is because she wants to go outside! She thinks if she allows me to pet her she will get her way. *LOL* Smart little kitty she is.

Staff: Judy Tipton
Home: North Freedom, WI
Date Entered into Gallery: July 1, 2008

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