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On Her Favorite Rug
Mewsy Ann at 2 Years

Waiting for His Walk
Beau at 2 Years

Mewsy Ann
Breed: Domestic Longhair CatGender: Female
Favorite Activities: She likes playing with catnip mice.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She sleeps on my lap (that's where she is now as I type).
Story: They were both adopted a few months ago (October 2003). Because they are from shelters, they were both very scared and underweight when they came home with us. A few months later, they've put on twice their weight and act like they own the place! We have animals who have been through so much, yet they are still the most loving creatures. (Yet Beau is extremely protective of guests in the house and so he has to be crated. I think he was mistreated by previous owners, unfortunately.)

Breed: Flat-Coated RetrieverGender: Male
Favorite Activities: He enjoys walks.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Beau likes sleeping in the hall where he can see both Sam and me.

Staff: Heather and Sam Eakin
Home: Las Vegas, NV
Date Entered into Gallery: January 13, 2004

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