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Hallie (left) and Jack
At 2 Years

Breed: Standard SchnauzerWeight: 20 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: They have been eating Flint River Ranch food since they were babies.
Favorite Activities: They love to bark at anything and everything love taking walks. They have travelled all over the US and enjoy riding in the car.

Breed: Standard SchnauzerWeight: 13 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: They are littermantes born on Halloween. Hallie was the runt of the litter and Jack is her big brother. Hallie ran headfirst into a skunk last week early in the morning in our back yard and she still smells like skunk when she gets wet. All our kids are grown so these are our babies.

Staff: Debra Freeman
Home: Salado, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: July 17, 2008

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