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Left-to-right: Lily at 8 Years, Laine at 11 Months, Mia at 6 Years

Laine, Mia, and Lily

Left-to-right: Mia at 6 Years, Madison at 10 Years, Laine at 11 Months, Maya at 2 Months, Lily at 8 Years

Miles at 14 Years

Breed: Standard PoodleGender: Female
Favorite Food: All of our dogs love Flint River Ranch food, whether they eat the Puppy and Adult Kibble, the Dry Water Kibble (great for nutrition and weight control!), or the Senior Dog Food.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She is a therapy dog.

Breed: PoodleVariety: Toy
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: They are/were all very athletic dogs who, depending on their size, run/walk anywhere from 1/2 mile to 20 miles every single day.

Variety: Mi-kiGender: Female
They get along very well and are the love and joys of our lives.

Breed: Manchester TerrierVariety: Toy
Gender: Female
Madison was 10 years old when she died in May 2008. She was a beloved little girl who is missed every day.

Variety: Mi-kiGender: Female
Maya lives with my daughter in Denver.

Gender: Male
He is shown here in his K-9 cart (he had arthritis in his back and was in the cart for 18 months). The picture was taken in March 2008 right before he died at 14 years old.

Staff: Debra Nagelberg
Home: Cherry Hill, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: October 31, 2008

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