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Daddy's Kids!
Left-to-right: Zettie at 11 Years, Oskie at 4 Years, Kerrybear at 12 Years

Breed: DachshundVariety: Miniature
Gender: Female

Breed: Cairn TerrierGender: Male

Breed: Dachshund/TerrierGender: Male
Story: As a dog-walking volunteer at a local humane society, I fell in love with little Oskie the minute I laid eyes on him. I vacillated for a month worrying about how my two older dogs would accept him, while fearing someone else would adopt him yet hoping someone would. Oskie grew sadder and sadder every time I walked him. Finally I couldn't hold out any longer and adopted him. Oskie is a joy, a little imp, but loving and gentle. Zettie and Kerrybear were couch potatoes till frisky little Oskie came along. Now the doggies chase each other around the house bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and happy. Oskie has breathed life into this family and we have breathed life and love into him.

Staff: Jacqueline Wagner
Home: Elton, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 2, 2009

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