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Sadie at 18 Months

Corky at 7 Months

Breed: Yorkshire TerrierVariety: Miniature
Gender: FemaleBirthday: October 20, 2007
Favorite Food: Sadie is a really picky eater and we had to hand feed her when she was a baby. She ate her food only out of a spoon and we had to put yogurt on her food to get her to eat. She still wants us to feed her and wants mostly human food. I was really pleased when I received Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet, and Rice kibbles and she would eat it. We still have to feed her a small piece at a time. Really spoiled, huh? She will eat carrots and green pepper. She loves her treats, Beggin strips, and will scratch on the floor after she potties on the pad demanding one.
Favorite Activities: She loves to ride in her stroller and show off.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She naps on the couch during the day on Mom's lap and with Mom and Dad at night. She loves to be covered up and will dig with her nose to let you know to get it done.
Story: She was my surprise Christmas gift when she was just 10 weeks old. She was so little when she was put in my hands and it was love at first sight. She is a momma's baby. She loves everyone, but wants Mom to be next to her. She drinks her water out of a baby bottle when we go places. Can't leave home without it. Corky loves it, too. They are good buddies and love each other. Sadie is a real ham and loves having her picture taken. She's teaching Corky all the tricks she knows to help drive Mom and Dad up the wall. We love our babies so much. They bring us so much joy.

Breed: Yorkshire TerrierVariety: Miniature
Gender: MaleBirthday: August 15, 2008
Favorite Food: He is a good eater and will eat anything we give him. I am feeding him the Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet and Rice kibbles now and he loves it.
Favorite Activities: He loves all toys and especially any Sadie has. They play tug-of-war a lot.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He naps during the day on the couch on moms lap next to Sadie and sleeps with mom and dad at night.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He is a talker and tries really hard to tell us when he wants to eat or be loved. Corky is a real love-bug. He loves everyone!

Staff: Phyllis Crosby and Randy Rucker
Home: Bean Station, TN
Date Entered into Gallery: April 8, 2009

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