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Bubby at 2 Years (left) and Toby at 1 Year

Gender: Female
Story: We came from Germany 4 years ago and actually decided not to have cats for a while (we lived on a busy street in Germany and our last cat was killed by a car). But, as you know, cats choose you. I went for a walk almost 2 years ago and saw a little tiny baby kitten sitting in the corner of a street. I took it and asked people at the only house there if it was their kitten. He just grabbed her (like a dirty washrag) and shut the door. I didn't feel good about it and went back the same way. I proved right when she came toward me again—she was so weak she could barely walk. I took her with me. She slept in my hand the entire walk home.

At home she first made a "friend" with my husband, and then we gave her some cat food (which I used to feed a stray cat outside). I couldn't believe how fast she ate. She emptied the whole plate in a couple of seconds. At night she slept near my chin and tried to nurse. She was only skin and bones—the vet said she was so skinny she would not have survived another day or two!

P.S: Shame on people for mistreating their pets!

Gender: Male
Story: I brought Toby home from the shelter a year after Bubby came to live with us. They love each other dearly. When I brought him home she took care of him like I took care of her. She is like his mother and protects him.
In the past, Toby just swallowed most of his dry food instead of chewing it. Of course most of the time he consumed too much and vomited afterwards. I went online and searched for "bigger pieces of dryfood" and found Flint River Ranch. I was very happy to read that the pieces are bigger and the food is actually the best food on the market. I ordered and when it came (thanks for the fast delivery) I immediately switched to it. I know I am supposed to change it slowly but I thought I'll give it a try. It worked out very well.

Since they were used to getting some canned food, I just soaked some dry food and mixed with one teaspoon of their regular canned food. The first two days they were kind of disappointed because they were used to getting lots of wet food and they always seemed to be hungry. Now after almost a week they don't always linger around their food bowl and seem to be satisfied with the dry food. They have way more energy, sleep less, and play together. Even my husband noticed that they sleep less and play more. Another positive factor is the bowel and bladder elimination: before, I had to clean their litter boxes many times a day with lots of urine and stool. Now it is literally cut in half (I think even less than half).


Staff: Andrea Sladeck
Home: Port St. John, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: March 8, 2004

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