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Lexie at 7 Months

Addison at 17 Months

Lexie Having Fun in the Snow

Breed: Labrador RetrieverVariety: English
Weight: 40 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: Lexie has gastrointestinal sensitivities and does well on the Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato (Fish & Chips).
Favorite Activities: Lexie enjoys soccer ball and eating!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Lexie is a service dog in training for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
She loves life, especially as experienced through her mouth... food, nylabones, kisses, counter surfing, etc.

Breed: Australian ShepherdWeight: 34 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Addie has dermatitis and is doing well on the Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet, and Rice. Both have previously been on Fromm’s and Timberwolf, but Flint River Ranch is working out best.
Nickname: Addie
Favorite Activities: Addie is an athlete with a strong herding instinct. Frisbee, ball, and agility are her favorites, as well as playing with Lexie and occasionally herding Lexie or trying to.
Favorite Place to Sleep: They both love to sleep in my bed.

Staff: Jan
Home: Morrisville, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: March 30, 2010

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