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I love my brother "Mo"!
Motomo at 6 Years

Breed: Labrador RetrieverVariety: English
Gender: Male
Story: I am newly permanently disabled, so I no longer can go camping like we used to. We still do, but now everything has to happen right around the camp site. Mo does not mind because he so happy to be at my side and out in nature. Being in water now elevates a lot of my pain, so camping you can find me sitting in the water. Just look for the man sitting in the water with a huge smile on his face and a big handsome yellow lab having a blast playing in the water next to him. I used to be a service dog instructor, so now Mo has become my service dogs. He is such a strong swimmer that he can pull me through the water without effort, and when I get out of the water he will be at my side to keep me steady. The pictures I have sent you are of Mo enjoying nature. Life is a journey of many highs and lows, but with a four legged friend at your side you can handle anything!

I can still fish a little, but I usually catch and release. Mo loves seeing the fish as I bring them in, and he doesn't mind me letting them go because he has your trout and sweet potato dog food waiting for him back at camp in the bear box. He loves your food, and I love how healthy it makes him. He is 6 years old now and doing great. Thank you for making such a clean and health food for our four legged brothers and sisters.

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Staff: John May
Home: Belmont, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 11, 2011

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