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Tula Sunrise at 5 Years

Tula and Alaena


Little Girl at 3 Months

Tula Sunrise
Breed: Miniature SchnauzerVariety: Salt and Pepper
Weight: 19 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Food: Tula loves to eat almost any kind of fruit or vegetable. (We know not to feed her grapes or onions.) Her favorites are cherry tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, apple cores, sugar snap peas, green beans, broccoli stems, any frozen veggies, and celery. We really have to watch where we set our French Vanilla flavored coffee because she sniffs that out in a minute. If I find my coffee cup empty by my chair, all I have to do is smell her muzzle...and if it smells like french vanilla...she's busted. However, she is so sweet it's hard to scold her when I leave something so delicious unattended.
Favorite Activities: The only toys Tula likes to play with are stuffed animals. Beanie babies are just the worst temptation to her. When she was a puppy, she would sneak into the kids' closets when we were gone and steal beanie babies and chew their eyes out. So, we bought her her very own toys so she could chew on them all she wanted. She loves to fetch, play tug-of-war, and wrestle them to the death--there is no way of escape for Squirrel, Ducky, Birdie, Cooney, Monkey, Bobo, Jumbo Bobo, Raggy, Skunky and Bob the Lobster. Beanie babies are safer now.
Story: Tula lives in Iowa with her family which includes three children. She is a very calm, cuddly and sweet girl, but does get vocal to alert her family of any visitors that even come near the house. She sits on the carpeted landing of the stairs where she has a good view of the front door at all times. She also has a favorite chair situated so that she can nap with one eye open and still see the front door. No one goes in or out without Tula knowing.

We love our Tula and think of her as a member of our family. God was so good to us to let us have Tula in our lives because she is such a blessing as a companion. She really is our 'baby' and our best friend.

She follows her mama around and waits to go to bed until she does. She sleeps at the foot of her masters' bed and wakes them up to go potty early in the morning by standing on their chest. She only weighs 19 pounds, but her tiny little feet feel like stilettos when she stands on your chest. After she goes potty and is fully awake, she is a little restless until it is time to wake the kids up for school...her favorite part of the day. She runs to their rooms and jumps up on their beds to be the first one to kiss them and tell them good morning. After everyone has been woken up, it's her time to go back and take a nap. Saturdays are hard on Tula because she's not allowed to wake 'her kids" up at 7:00. When she starts wandering down the hall to their rooms, we tell her "No, lets let the kids sleep some more" and then she pouts slowly back to her chair to watch for them to get up on their own. She is the first one to greet them with her tail wagging as fast as she can when they come stumbling out of their room. Tula keeps track of each person she's said "good morning" to already and NEVER misses one person even if they are hours apart in getting up.
After a long struggle with Granulomatous meningo-encephalomyelitis (GME) and subsequent Lymphoma, Tula was loving entrusted to heaven on Feb 22. Her family, especially her mom, misses her terribly and will always have a void in our family without her.

Breed: Schnauzer MixGender: Female

Little Girl
Breed: Schnauzer/Yorkshire Terrier MixWeight: 8 pounds
Gender: Female

Staff: Lori
Date Entered into Gallery: January 27, 2011

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