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Zappa at 3 Years

Breed: Portuguese Water DogGender: Male
Full Name: Cutwater Lei do Ter
Favorite Activities: Zappa competes in canine agility. We have an agility course at home for him and our other dogs, a 3-year-old Border Collie rescue, and a 12-year-old Golden Retriever.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Zappa is an amazing swimmer (duh, he's a water dog!) He can actually JUMP out of the pool onto the pool deck!

Zappa has an out-size personality - he is always the star of the show. They are the only breed that the AKC sanctions water competitions and titles. They were bred to work fishing boats, and can perform a number of commands and tasks in the water, including untangling fishing nets, hauling supplies, and rescuing. They have webbed feet, which makes them especially strong swimmers.

Story: Porties are an amazing breed - way too smart for their own good. Porties learn behaviors and commands different than most other breeds - once they learn something the first time, that's pretty much it - they don't need a whole lot of reminders or retraining to do something they've learned once. Problem is, if they learn something wrong (or something you don't want them to learn, like counter-surfing.)

Porties are best for experienced dog owners who are willing to work with and train them - they're 'working dogs' in every sense. If I don't give Zappa a 'job,' he will make his own job - and I guarantee I won't like the job he invents!

Staff: Philip Rothstein
Home: Brookfield, CT
Date Entered into Gallery: February 3, 2011

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