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“Always thinking of what I can get in to!”
Bailey at 2 Years

Breed: Australian Shepherd/Beagle MixWeight: 66 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Bailey enjoys Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble, chicken livers and carrots.
Favorite Activities: He likes playing with other dogs at the park, tugging his toys out of our hands and squeaking his toys at us to get us to play with him.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He likes to sleep at the bottom of mine and my husband's bed or in between us on top of the covers.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He’s very smart. When we leave he runs upstairs and pushes my daughter’s room door open (we close it tight so he doesn't get into trouble while we’re gone) jumps on her bed and watches us from her window. Barks as soon as he hears our cars come into the driveway, runs and wags his tail so hard his whole body wiggles at us. He’s a lover – not a fighter. But his bark can be intimidating to strangers that he meets then he licks them all over.
Story: Our Buddy died after 16 years. Everyone in our household was devastated and said, “No more dogs, please!" The house was so quiet, Buddy used to bark at everything and it was so lifeless with just us. I went online to mustardsandwich.net and fell in love with a puppy named “Splash." I called and interviewed with Heather, sent the fees required, read all the recommendations on the website – so numerous too mention. They drove up to New Jersey to my son’s house, since I didn't want the family to know until they saw him knowing they would fall in love at first sight. They did and we named him Bailey and he has grown to 66 pounds. Heather had told me that he would only be maximum 30 pounds. Well, he has more shepherd in size but beagle personality and outside markings and facial features. Everywhere we go people stop to ask what kind of dog he is because of his unusual markings. He also listens to every word and will do exactly what you say of course if he wants to. Very selective hearing!

Otherwise known as "Splash" when we adopted him - is such a gem. He rules the house! He is well over 30 lbs. as predicted - he is 70 pounds and the vet says he's healthy. He could afford to drop 10 but if we cut back on his food he then goes to eating a wall or something else around. We still feed hin the Flint River Ranch dry kibble - a cup in the morning and then he likes Alpo at night - warmed in the micro mind you. Needs a lot of attention. If he wants to play he comes over to me while I'm on the computer and nudges my elbow until I stop and go play. Or he sits in front of my husband and barks at him. But always greats anyone coming into the house with a wiggle butt and you can hear him run down from upstairs - where he lays on my bed and watches out the window. What a piece of work.

Staff: Mrs. Billie McClintock
Home: Haddon Township, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: February 17, 2011

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