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Ena at 6 Years


Breed: PomeranianWeight: 7 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: My husband and I are happy to write and let you know that we recently ordered probiotics along with the dog food. We have two poms, Chyna and Ena. Chyna is the elder of the two. She is very small and has always suffered from stomach problems. Whenever she is stressed, she gets a bout of gas and won't eat for at least a day or so Ena doesn't have this condition, but she has always had messy stools, either too loose or too dry and pastey.

We happened to come upon the information on your website and decided to give the probiotics a try. One and a half weeks later, we already notice a difference! Ena is regular and Chyna has not had a problem with tummy gas and pain!

We cannot thank you enough for providing a solution after seven years of going to vet after vet with no relief for Chyna! We've had suggestions like, increase her fiber, make her drink more water, feed her homemade food - but nothing worked. We are going to recommend your website to all our dog-loving friends.

By the way, your company was recommended to us by a coworker who even gave us a couple of samples from his big bag of Flint River millet! Thank you SO MUCH for helping our little girls get relief!

You probably can tell, she has quite the flamboyant and expressive personality, and is a very happy and energetic dog! We call her "Fancy" most of the time, because of her healthy and shiny mass of fur!

Breed: PomeranianWeight: 4 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: Chyna hails from a champion line of poms. She is a "retired" showgirl, and is Ena's first cousin. She had more of a need for the MSE, since she has had chronic stomach issues all her life. She wears a sweater due to Alopecia X. All the fur on her body, except for her head and legs, has fallen out. But that doesn't seem to bother her in the least, she charms everyone she meets! Oh and she thinks she's human!

Staff: Norman and Leonor Randall
Home: Des Plaines, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: March 3, 2011

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