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Head shot of Valentine. Resting in my daughter's arms between classes at a State 4-H Dog Show.
Valentine at 5 Years

Valentine jumping during a training session.

Valentine going over the A Frame during training.

Valentine taking a jump during training.

Waiting to go to the next class in conformation at the State 4-H Dog Show.

This was taken right after their first competition agility run. They ran it at the State 4-H Dog Show. They took first that year in the class.

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Hands down (or should I say paws down) his favorite food is Orignal Puppy and Adult Kibble! While switching him over he would literally eat all of the Flint River, then search his bowl for any crumbs left, then he would eat the rest of the brand we used to feed. He would love the people food we eat, but we keep him on a strict diet to help keep him at a good weight from agility.
Favorite Activities: His favorite activities include sleeping, playing chase with my husband's Dad's pekingeses (he actually seemed to take it upon himself to raise them and they have learned to play corgi style - he also is very protective of one of the puppies since the puppy is handicapped he even plays different with him than the other peke), playing with us where we get down and rough house with him, most of all he loves being with people (especially center of attention.) His favorite place to sleep is with my daughter. If she is not home, then he will sleep with us. Very rarely does he like to sleep on the floor. As for special skills, he has been training in agility and loves it. Though we have not officially tested him in herding instinct, he loved herding the whippet the my daughter's dog show handler mentor owned. Valentine learned early on the he could keep up with the Whippet, so he would just wait for him to come running, then would actually start herding him. He also became very fascinated with some lambs and goat kids at a small petting area while we were at a 4-H function. Showing what looked like herding instincts, it was hard to get him to want to leave the area. His biggest skill is his love for people and how we have used him at nursing homes and schools. Here is his story on how he came to be part of our family.
Story: My daughter has been heavily involved with 4-H now for coming on 13 years. Her main project has been dog care and training. As part of her community service, she would help when her county 4-H would work at an AKC show( helping keeping the grounds clean) held each year in our area. Later she took over being the 4-Her in charge of getting the help and working it as well. One year we were the only two that had been able to help at the time and my daughter was worn out. I told her to take a break and relax for a while.

As she was visiting with the handlers and owners, she came across a group of corgi folks. There was a puppy doing his best to get to my daughter. The ladies offered her a chance to play with him. They saw an instant connection between the two. While she was playing with the puppy, the ladies mentioned he was for sale. When she was told the price, she knew we couldn't get him since it was pretty much my whole paycheck and we didn't have the spare money to get him. Since he has one floppy ear, he is not in the standards for corgis and couldn't go in the conformation ring. One of the ladies had my daughter come and get me. The owner was actually ring side about to go in her class. By the time I got there the ladies had pooled their money and helped us buy the puppy. That was 5 years ago. every year we take him back so the ladies can see him. He is an awesome dog and very much part of our family. He has become the main part of my daughter's 4-H project and she has trained him both conformation and performance events. She showed him as an AKC junior handler until she turned 18years old and has also showed him in the 4-H dog shows. She has done some obedience showing with him, but actually prefers Rally between the two. They actually got their first Rally leg at the show several years later where we first saw him. They have also been training in agility and they both love it. Also as part of her community service in 4-H she has taken him to the local nursing home where he loves the people as well as attending demonstrations with her agility instructor at different events, especially day cares and schools. She has also used him as part what is called Method Demonstrations. Here the 4-Her has a set time to give a speech on a subject they have chosen. My daughter chose dogs, using Valentine as her model, and twice they have gone to the State competition for her speech. This dog loves people and it shows.

Staff: Kathy Dulin
Home: Murchison, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: May 10, 2011

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