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Max at 2 Years

Breed: Labrador RetrieverVariety: English
Weight: 107 poundsGender: Male
Full Name: Cold Spring Maximum Black
Favorite Food: His favorite food is of course Flint River Ranch Adult Nuggets!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He listens very well and is very attentive - unless a rabbit goes by then it is adios till he hits the property line where he stops and returns.Carries his leash on the way "home" from his walk.
Story: Max is a very gentle, well behaved Labrador who loves us and our grandchildren. He talks to us when he wants something and knows exactly when it is time to get up, eat, poop, and go to bed. He especially lets me know when it is time for his walk. Overall he is just the perfect guy for us. We never had to house break him and he has never chewed anything but his toys. Thank goodness for puppy crate training and spending a great deal of time with him. Of course, we got him in July and we able to be outside with him a lot and began training the day he came home. If anyone is considering a Labrador, this is our second English Lab and they have booth be a pure joy to us. His demeanor is wonderful around people and I walk him without a leash even on the street. Check out the photos and you will see what a character he is. Yes, he is sitting on his butt holding Maria's arm, something he does often. I forgot, he did eat one plastic newspaper bag - which promptly came out the other end in one day. Amazing!!!!! And, he loves to chew sticks.

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Staff: Bob and Maria Nyce
Home: Northampton, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: September 13, 2011

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