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This picture was taken the first day I met her. I will never forget the look on her face the moment I walked onto the porch when I went to choose a puppy – she picked me. Though I already knew I was there to get her as I had seen her picture on the website.
Izzy Pooh Renee at 7 Weeks

Izzy at 10 months watching tv with one of her favorite toys, (the bunny.)

Izzy Pooh Renee
Breed: Shetland SheepdogWeight: 25 pounds
Gender: FemaleBirthday: July 17, 2010
Favorite Activities: She is so active and loves to play and she is constantly making me laugh with her antics. I couldn’t have asked for a better “child”. I had lost another “girl” of 10 years just the month before, sadness and loneliness loomed in my heart, but from day one Izzy set out to give me joy again.

We live in beautiful Franklin County IN, she has 2 fenced in acres to play and guard. First thing she did was locate and dig up all the deer bones my deceased Sheltie left behind for her. She loves to dig for moles and is intent on catching her first one. She loves to play “keep away” with her balls, and to entice me into the game she tosses one of them into the air, then pounces on it before I can get it and runs expecting me to follow. She gives me lots of chances to get the ball by throwing it up into the air, but or course most of the time she beats me to it. When she feels “sorry” for me she brings it to me and either bumps against my leg, ball in mouth, she expects me to try to remove it by tug of war; or she will drop it at my feet and expect me to throw it.

Staff: Yvette Richardson
Home: Laurel, IN
Date Entered into Gallery: November 9, 2011

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