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Curley at 10 Months

Another one of Curley's favorite things to do is open the box of Flint River Dog Food that the UPS driver leaves! :)

Breed: Poodle MixWeight: 23 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: Curley's favorite thing to do is tug of war or fetch with his favorite green soft spiky ball.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Curley’s favorite place to sleep is on a porch swing in the backyard, or at the foot of the bed at night.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Curley sits, shakes hands, and rolls over and if you have a treat he will do it without being asked! He just does it automatically now! The thing I love most about Curley is when you talk to him, he always tilts his head to one side or the other.
Story: Curley was 3 months young when he was found walking around Oxnard, CA. I happen to check the online shelter pictures (which I had never done) and instantly fell in love with him, ran down to the shelter on my lunch hour to see him in person, one of the shelter employees told me to bring my friends, as another person was interested in him also. The next day at 3:00 Curley came up for adoption and he went to lottery, my co-workers, and family (9 people total) went to the shelter to help me acquire this incredible dog! He truly was meant for us. I am the luckiest dog owner ever.

Staff: Monica Teverbaugh
Home: Somis, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: November 26, 2011

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